Bijou Star’s Interview Causes Drama With ‘Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams!

Posted on Jul 12 2011 - 3:00pm by Bijou Star

Well, well, well looks like the interview that I did with Jennifer Williams a couple months back when she came to Cleveland caused MAJOR drama on ‘Basketball Wives’ last night.  Supposedly Evelyn’s friend, who lives in Cleveland, contacted her after she heard Jennifer talking about how she felt about Evelyn’s fiancée Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson during our interview on the radio. I appreciated Jennifer’s honesty in the interview but clearly Eve was not feeling it at all and it looks like that’s because she didn’t get the wholes story. See the full interview and BB Wives episode inside…

In last night’s episode while at her store Dulce Evelyn brings up the “Cleveland Interview” to her friend saying that she heard that Jennifer said Chad was “not to be trusted,” “Chad’s a media whore and she hears all these stories about him”.

Evelyn also said she heard that Jennifer didn’t understand why she would put herself in another relationship like that because of the “B.S.” she dealt with in her last relationship.  Evelyn took that as Jennifer talking behind her back and as a friend she fel that Jenn should be supporting her relationship not tearing it down.

See Evelyn talking about the situation at the 19:54 mark below:


Based off the information that Evelyn got from her friend you can definitely feel why she would be upset with Jennifer, but as is the case with most second hand information you never usually get the whole story…just parts of the story. Unfortunately it looks like that’s what happened with Evelyn in this situation.

See what Jennifer really said about Evelyn and Chad’s relationship below at the 5:41 mark.

Now in my opinion she was just speaking as a concerned friend saying what she observed and just looking out for her girl as any good friend would do. We’ve all had situations with our friends where we are overprotective when it comes to who they date especially if you’ve seen them hurt before.  I didn’t feel that her statements came from a malicious place, instead I felt she was just being honest.

I tweeted Jennifer about last night’s episode and she said:

Exactly…everyone does interpret things differently! Now it looks like we will have to wait until next week’s episode to see how the whole situation unfolds when they listen to the interview in Italy…and it looks like it will be nothing but DRAMA! But hey it is reality tv and more drama means better ratings.  I’m curious to see how they flip our interview to make it much more than it really was so I will def be tuned in next Monday! :)

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  1. sugarkisses July 12, 2011 at -

    I do not think that statement about ocho was wrong…she was keepin it real…Everyone knows how nice she is on the show she would never hurt her bestie…Evelyn get over it and pick your gorgeous dress love…

  2. jenna July 14, 2011 at -

    Who cares both Evelynn and Jennifer both are retarded. Both of them are nothing but straight up media/attention whores. As for evelynn she’s nothing but a wanna be sandra bullock. In all reality watching that show evelynn is trash with a paycheck and has no more class then a trashbag full of used tampons! Bitch act your age like a 40 something woman should act. Presents herslef as nothing more then a homeless person starving to death only the old bitch has a few pairs of namebrand shoes. The first time I saw her I was able to reconize she was nothing but a low class star crazed whore immediately.all shit a side Royce has more grace and class then her or jennifer and that’s nothing but short of pathetic! Duh I’m embarrased for thos skanks everytime I seem them acting like they do. Its hillarous wating a bunch of old ladies actimg like school kids before their big night at prom!! Hahaha

    • Beauty51 July 18, 2011 at -

      I think Evelyn needs to just get over that shit Jen was just being real Ocho is a male whore and a attention whore Evelyn knows that she’s just in need of a danm man.

  3. Paula July 15, 2011 at -

    Watch the video of Jennifer’s interview closely. Isn’t that Evelyn sitting next to her?

  4. Koya July 16, 2011 at -

    I don’t thinkhe statement that Jennifer made was that bad. Jennifer was stating something that was a fact anyway. I do think that Evelyn over reacted and needs to mend there friendship..

  5. april July 18, 2011 at -

    Jennifer needed to drop evelyn ass anyway…Jen is classy and eve is trash..

  6. Jasmine July 18, 2011 at -

    that does look like Evelyn is sitting next to Jen w/ her head down… #fishy

  7. dayday July 19, 2011 at -

    I think that Jennifer is hurt because Evelyn is getting married and she just ended her relationship with her ex and when she was with her ex, Evelyn wanted her to be single so she could hang out with her but now the tables have turned and she’s the one single and will have less time with Evelyn. I don’t think what Jen said in the interview was that bad but they are suppose to be friends. I would have just said no comment about the situation. Everyone can see that Chad is a media whore who think he is fine as wine but instead he looks like old ass wine. If he didn’t have the money he has, he would just be another funny looking dude on the streets. He always talking about how Evelyn could look better, well his ugly ass could look a lot better to but what can he do. He and Evelyn also kill me thinking that they are so fashinable, when they wear regular shit that everybody else in the world wear but theirs just cost a little more than we pay for ours. All Evelyn wear is a bunch of long dresses, and what’s so fashinable about that. Nada!!!!!!!!!

  8. crisco July 19, 2011 at -

    OMG! I didn’t think what Jen said was all that bad when I heard just a portion of the interview, but now that I’ve heard the whole thing, Im am PISSED that Evelyn would take what she said out of context and act the way she did. It seems to me she was just LOOKING for anything to get mad at Jen about because Jen is no fan of ‘ol corny Chad. So WHAT if she didn’t “congratulate” you or speak about the situation. Why should she? You can’t force a person to like or dislike someone else, and if she never wanted to “get to know him”, that’s her perogative as long as she remains a good friend to you! And she has always been a good and loyal friend and I can’t believe you ambushed her in front of people like that talking out of the side of your neck making much ado about NOTHING! And that DID look like Evelyn sitting next to her in the interview.

    • cato July 20, 2011 at -

      I think Evelyn overreacted because she didn’t hear the whole interview. She only heard Jennifer say that Chad was an attention wh**e and that Evelyn is going down the wrong road with him. What Evelyn didn’t hear was that Jennifer said she would support Evelyn regardless of who she dates. I think Evelyn’s friend who told her about the interview was only looking for some mess to get into. Because she didn’t send the entire interview.

  9. S.Philly July 19, 2011 at -

    I think that Evelyn totally overreacted, if she listened to Jen’s entire interview it is clear that she wasn’t bashing him(Ocho), but Evelyn being the queen she is, thrives off of negativity, what she needs to do is go sit her old lookin *ss down and stop trying to get pregnant so that she can have a continuas cash flow. Seems to me that Ocho is again trying to be in the spotlight. Poor Jen, looked like a deer caught in headlights, she was shocked because she told Evelyn this to her face, but the truth hurts. I can’t wait until the wedding (Ev and Ocho), but I havent heard anything about a wedding date or are they trying to have children first.

  10. afrikanprincess July 19, 2011 at -

    I think Jennifer is fronting! She needs an ass whipping first off because Jennifer already told her face to face that Ocho was a media whore. She blasted her out infront of others for attention! What she needs to do is concentrate on her daughter and get her family a nice place to live since she has so much money. She owns Dulce but can’t buy her mum a house? Shame on her! She needs to focus on being single for a minute-I mean, how many men has she had? That is why she cannot keep one nor marry one! because she is a media whore herself. Jennifer is her shadow- has no mouth for herself..they are both stupid and need to get a life! I mean really? And jennifer acts all BUJI! PLEASE!! The only one that keeps it real and 100 is Tammy!

  11. Gayle McKensey July 19, 2011 at -

    Believe it or not, I think Tammi may have made the most sense when she said because Jen is now coming into her own, she may have just said “it” wrong. Jen is becoming more of an owner of her feelings, thoughts, and direction in life. I don’t think she meant anything malicious by her comments. I’ve listened to this whole interview, and so should Ev. She will better understand how Jen got to the comment. But, we know Ev…she don’t take no tea for the fever. And as she said, this has been brewing: Jen, never really professed any support for her during a happy time for Ev – her engagement. This situation, just set it off. I hope they can talk it out. They’ve been friends for a long time. And like my mom used to say, “Even tongue and teeth fall out sometimes: meaning that no matter how close (like teeth and tongue in the same mouth – you sometimes bite your tongue) friends are…sometimes there can be a huge chasm to circumvent. They are both hurt, and both confused by what they believe.

  12. Brenda July 19, 2011 at -

    I was watching this show last night I really didnt think the comments was bad at all who gives a F$#%% anyway Honestly this Evelyn chick is so annoying Good Luck Ochio for even thinking of amking this nut ur wife !!! I like her the least she is all talk and I guess it makes good TV lol . I would never want to have a friend like her EVER !!!!!

  13. MIsss Bitch 2 YOU July 21, 2011 at -


    • sandra August 12, 2011 at -

      I know thats right lol!!!